Thousands of people watch as Donald Trump gets sworn as the 45th president of the United States of America during the 58th Presidential Inauguration in front of the Capitol Building on January 20, 2017. Photo by the U.S. National Guard

Future of America

February 1, 2017

Donald Trump shocked many during election night on November 8, 2016, as state after state flipped Republican earning Trump his much needed electoral votes needed to win the presidency.

Much of the media reported that Trump was unlikely to win but it soon became clear that he would beat his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.

Trump performed surprisingly well in battleground states of Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina. The states of Wisconsin and Michigan were predicted to vote Democratic but were won by Trump in the end.

An estimated 138,884,643 Americans cast a ballot with 65.8 million for Clinton and a little under 63 million for Trump. 40% of the eligible voter population did not vote which is 92,671,979 Americans.

Early Wednesday morning Hillary Clinton called Trump and conceded defeat. In his victory speech, Trump said “It is time for us to come together as one united people”

Donald Trump is the fifth person in U.S. history to win without the popular vote and the first to win without any experience in public services. Donald Trump will also be the oldest person to be elected president with him being at 70 while Ronald Reagan was 69 at the time of his election.

Soon after the news that Donald Trump had won the election protests broke out across the United States, some peaceful others not. Flags were burned, and highways in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Portland, Oregon were blocked.

65 members of Congress have said that they will not be attending the inauguration. Three former U.S. presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and George W Bush were seen at the inauguration along with Hillary Clinton.

Former President George H.W. Bush and his wife were unable to attend due to their age and health.

President Donald Trump was sworn in on January 20, 2017, reciting the oath of office which other presidents have done before him.

Moments after being sworn in President Donald Trump signed his first bill into law allowing retired General James Mattis to serve as Defense Secretary.Riots have broken out the day before the inauguration and during with protesters in black clothes breaking windows and throwing objects at riot police.

Others protested peacefully and a little over 200 people have been charged with rioting.

People from around the world have reacted to Trump’s inauguration with support while others responded in protest.

The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau offered his congratulations as well as many other leaders from Japan, The Vatican, Israel, Mexico, India, Ukraine, and many other nations.

German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said in an interview with public broadcaster ZDF “I think we have to prepare for a rough ride.” He is the first official German reaction to the inauguration.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel responded by saying “Congrats to my friend President Trump. Look forward to working closely with you to make the alliance between Israel & USA stronger than ever.”

Nigel Farage who is the former leader of UKIP also known as the UK Independence Party and a key figurehead of Brexit called Trump’s inauguration speech “a very strong speech” and has said, “A genuine political revolution has taken place in America.”

President Trump has already begun talks with U.S. automakers in a push to create jobs in America. Trump has also signed a controversial order to move ahead with the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipeline which was rejected in 2015 by Obama.

President Trump has even pulled out of the TPP or Trans-Pacific Partnership which has received praise from Democrats and Bernie Sanders.

Currently, Trump is in the process of getting rid of the Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare but no alternatives have not been revealed yet.

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