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Dear Editor:

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Dear Editor,

Your article about the violence in Mosul, Iraq was for the most part well written and, in my eyes at least, an accurate depiction of the travesties occurring in not just Mosul, but all over the Middle East. Also, I am glad to see that our school’s media is looking and discussing the larger problems going on in the world. Though most of the piece is well thought your biggest mistake is within the first sentence.

Your introduction starts with naming the subject, ISIS, and then names its other names, “known as ISIL or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant outside of Syria,” the screw-up occurs immediately after this. You said that ISIS started in 1999 as a part of Al-Qaeda which makes sense; when Al-Qaeda took over Saddam Hussein they operated in Iraq and Syria like the Islamic State. ISIS as the organization that functions today, the same one in Mosul, rose to power much later than the turn of the millennium. ISIS started its organized rule in western Iraq near the beginning of President Obama’s second term, and this was when Obama coined the term “They are just JV” and this is where they simply grew across Syria and Iraq, and set propaganda across the world through social media which has led to numerous lone-wolf attacks in America and elsewhere from the shooting at a homo-sexual nightclub in Florida, a truck running over crowds in southern France on Bastille Day, to the most recent attack at Ohio State University where a Somali man ran over and stabbed nine people. Al-Qaeda did not do use social media in the 1990’s and nor have they ever been known for doing so. You were correct in your depiction of the atrocities in Mosul, but forgot when ISIS began and why it is distinguished from its Al-Qaeda counterpart. It began in 2012 by committing terror like any other group, but used social media to radicalize the populus outside their occupation which established themselves as a separate organization.



Wyatt Wallis

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Dear Editor: