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Unicorn Drinks Takes Starbucks over the Rainbow

May 15, 2017

The Starbucks unicorn drink it was different, it had a variety of flavors, it had a colorful ton, and had a uniqueness to it. At first there’s a strange taste to it because the sour drizzle that went around the cup. The unicorn is recommended because of the flavors and colorfulness the drink has to offer. It’s a fun unique drink that keeps up with today’s generation along with it being kid friendly.

The Starbucks new Unicorn drink took Alaska by the horn on Wednesday, April 19th. In the first 13 hours of selling the new drink, Starbucks all around Wasilla sold out except for the Wasilla Target location. The Unicorn specialty drink was originally meant to last five days but only lasted one day. With limited supplies, and being a tester drink, there may be plans to bring it back.

I’m sure it will come up again shortly” Starbucks barista Matt Megler said. Customers who wanted to try the new unicorn drink only to be disappointed that it had sold out in only a few short hours the stores had opened. Starbucks does not know for sure if they will continue the Unicorn drink, there is a possibility of bringing it back in the future, right now Starbucks is working on a new drink.

The Unicorn is more than just fantasy though; it is a shot of sugar and fat. According to the Starbucks website a 16 fl oz unicorn drink includes 410 Calories, 230 mg Sodium, 59g Sugars, and only 5g protein. Depending on where you purchased your unicorn Beverage the price varies.

The drink unicorn is recommended by customers who tried the drink because of the sweet and sour flavor it gives out. The drink was named the unicorn because of how colorful it was and to go along with the unicorn crave going around.

A few other seasonal drinks Starbucks has to offer are Pumpkin Spice, Peppermint Mocha, Eggnog Latte these drinks are closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

According to the website business inside Starbucks makes 10.7 billion dollars yearly.

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  1. chaleen mixsooke on September 1st, 2017 2:24 pm

    the unicorn drink and it was good and how it is so good to have when we were about to go to fairbanks

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