How students can keep their grades up

September 26, 2017

As the new school year begins, a lot of students have trouble transitioning into the new year, and one of the struggles is keeping their grades up.

The 9th graders are fresh out of middle school, and the seniors have senioritis, a case of not wanting to come to school. “A good way to keep your grades up is to come to class, and ask questions,” Mrs. Tweet said. Make sure you keep track of assignments and turn them in on time.

Check iStudent regularly, and turn in your work, because it’s better to get some credit for an assignment than none at all. We asked 10th grader Evan Hample what advice he had for his fellow classmates, he said, “Believe in yourself, because often I see people that are like, ‘Oh I don’t give a crap about myself, and that’s why my grades are failing’ but it’s not. It’s because you’re not paying attention in class, and you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing.” 

The class sizes this year, have been larger than most years because of the decrease in teachers. Some teachers have found it a little more difficult to talk to students one on one, while others don’t see a difference. “In my smaller classes, I think I have more participation from the students,” Mr. Joehnk said. “There are currently a lot of teachers around here that have larger classes, and they tend to hold off doing a lot of assignments and end up doing them all at once.” 

Many teachers say that 9th graders seem to struggle a bit more than the other grade levels. But the other grade levels have their difficulties. “Senior year is difficult because your mind is split in different directions.” Mrs. Smart said. Juniors and seniors pretty much have the whole system figured out, but also senioritis is also a very real thing. Sophomore year tends to have the biggest workload because you cover more material than freshman year.

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