Alanna Christianson
WHS Senior Alanna Christianson is a calm yet driven person in her personal and professional life. This pushes her to greatness toward her future in college with a major that will get her a career in early childhood development or as an elementary teacher.

Being Alaska born and raised, Christianson originally hailed from the Turnagain Arm pit known as Anchorage, specifically South Anchorage. Christianson is a strong woman with three siblings, two younger, and one older. She loves lving in the quaint little town of Wasilla where she has spent her high school career. When she came to WHS she found it to be “a welcoming place”

Christianson is talented in many areas. She is a practiced musician who plays the violin in WHS’s orchestra, and an artist to boot. Christianson joined the Warrior Word for the credit, but saw the impact it had and got hooked on informing others.

Christianson has a wealth of knowledge that adds to the Word staff and her role as managing editor in her second year of  journalism.

Alanna Christianson, Managing editor

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